Frequently Asked Questions

Starter Website Package

The Starter Website gives you one (1) page of content that is divided into sections based on what you want to share with your online audience. 

This is ideal for businesses that may just be entering the online space and want to have a dedicated place to showcase their products and services, and establish brand credibility.

As you grow your business and the needs of your customers change, you can then extend your website to communicate more about your brand.

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Business Website Package

The Business package offers everything you get in the Starter package whilst allowing you more flexibility to really engage with your customers by possibly using other media such as video, appointment booking, etc.

Dedicated pages, especially for specialised areas of your business, can go a long way into creating the online connection that you need to convert website visitors into paying customers.  Your website is your online real estate and the better “home” that you can build means that visitors will feel more comfortable staying longer on your website, increasing the chances of them making a buying decision.

The Business package really helps you to position yourself as an established business and gives customers that confidence to know that you can be trusted to provide them with what they need.

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 eCommerce Website Package

Selling to customers online can significantly improve your business income.  If you are a traditional brick-and-mortar shop and would like to bring your products to the online space, then this package would suit you best.  Alternatively, if you only wish to sell online then the eCommerce package provides everything that you need.

With the eCommerce package, you can securely sell to customers locally or globally.  Every year the number of people shopping online continues to grow exponentially.  For a customer to spend online, they will expect reliability, security, and reputability – all of which we can help you communicate with a professionally built eCommerce website.

We work with several payment gateways offering end-to-end encryption for taking card payments online.  Your website will also include a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate which is a requirement when giving over sensitive information such as card details.  This will ensure that the information your customers provide on your website will be securely transmitted to allow for a successful transaction.

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Still unsure?

If you are still unsure as to which package you need, get in touch with us or complete our Website Request Form which can help you answer some of the questions regarding what you may need.

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The answer to this question really depends on quite a number of factors.  We have built websites in as little as one day to several months.  Although the website is the end product, quite a lot goes into getting to that end.  After we have discussed your initial requirements we will then be able to give you an estimate as to how long it will take to build your site.

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Yes, a website is a piece of online real estate and though digital, in order to maintain that real estate there are ongoing costs.  The main costs associated come under the following categories:

  1. Domain renewal
  2. Web hosting
  3. Security & patching
  4. Updates

Domain Renewal

Your domain is an address for your website, also referred to as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). 

In order to keep this URL active, your domain needs to be renewed annually.  There is a domain registrar body that is responsible for this process and that cost is passed on to them.  If you do not renew your domain, the registrar will unregister your address and make it available should someone else wish to use it for another website.


Web Hosting

Your website is made up of a collection of files (text-based files, images, video, audio files, etc.). 

These files are kept on the servers of a hosting company.  In order to keep these files safe and accessible, the hosting company charges for a service known as “Web Hosting”. 

Security & Patching

As a web development company, we continue to ensure that your website uses the latest security patches and is upgraded with features that help to keep it from being attacked.  This is not to say that it will never be attacked as cybercrime becomes more and more sophisticated daily, however, we must still take necessary precautions to limit the possibility of such things occurring.

Websites, particularly eCommerce site, have an SSL certificate that is renewed annually to ensure secure communications are happening for the transactions that occur on the site.  Part of your ongoing costs will cover this aspect to keep your site secure.


As your business evolves so too should your website content.  Having an updated website is tantamount to having more customers. It should be kept fresh and up-to-date so your customers (and potential customers) can know what you are providing that can be of benefit to them.

As part of our Aftercare Support Package, we will update the existing content that we built into the site to add information such as promotional events, changes to opening hours, staff changes, changes to social media feeds, etc.  This does not include any brand new functionality which we can quote you for separately but will keep your content fresh and dynamic and help attract more customers to your website.